• 100% genuine reviews from fully qualified customers.

  • Putting Customer Feedback at the centre of your business

  • Giving your customers a voice... act on constructive criticism - publish testimonials straight to your website.

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    Be the first to hear when you get it wrong so you can make it right

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    Broadcast to world how great you are, publish testimonials to your website

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    Feedback is only from your actual customers

Feedback is key to showing your customers you care, but it's not just past, present and future customers that can reap the benefits of effective feedback, it's also a great way to make sure the service you provide is the best it possibly can be. By publishing feedback directly to your website you're letting your customers know just how much you value their opinions, whilst getting an honest, impartial and direct insight into what makes you stand out from the crowd.

Adding Custom Counts feedback to your website

Attracts New Customers Publishing feedback from previous customers gives potential customers a great insight into what it is you do best. Unedited fresh feedback from your most recent customers carries some serious persuasive power, and when it comes to attracting new customers there's nothing better!

Improves Customer Retention Customer feedback opens a direct line of communication between you and your customers. If you are seen to appreciate and act on your customers feedback they're more likely to visit your venue again.

Improves QualityFeedback is the best way to gauge customer satisfaction, and with honest and impartial reviews to build on, you can tailor your events to meet your customers exact wants and needs.

Highlights Improvements With fresh feedback appearing on your site regularly it lets customers know just how popular your are. It also gives potential customers an up to date insight into any changes or improvements you've made at your venue.

Motivates Whisper it quietly but it's not all about the customers! Live feedback is the perfect way to motivate your employees, and also gives you and your team the little pat on the back you deserve. Sometimes it's OK to show off!

So why not find out what your customers really think,
and get the inside scoop on what it is that makes you the best in the business.

  • 1200+

    Trusted by over 1200 activity centres worldwide.

  • 150,000+

    Over 150000 prequalified and genuine customers surveyed.

  • 35%

    Our feedback requests generate an industry beating 35% response rate.

  • Custom Counts allow us to react quickly and respond directly to any constructive criticism we receive from our customers.

    R Rudkin - The Activity People
  • By asking our customers for feedback and criticism immediately after all our events, we demonstrate our commitment to customer service.

    A Leech - The Big Shoot
  • Because our reviews only come from genuine customers, we don’t waste time on malicious and none genuine feedback. Instead we can concentrate on ensuring our actual customers are 100% satisfied.

    Bernie Janes - Go Ballistic UK and Australia

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  1. Is custom counts suitable for my business?

    Custom Counts is a specialised service for activity centres whose customers book in advance of their participation or where customer contact details are collected on the day. Unfortunately, we do not work with businesses that are not in the activity or leisure sector. We believe specialisation makes us better!

  2. How do I sign up?

    Fill out the contact form below. We will assess the details you submit below and if you meet the criteria detailed in title question 1 and we have capacity we will contact you to finish your account setup. Please note we do not accept everyone and we do not mean to cause offence if we reject your application.

  3. How do I publish my reviews to my website?

    We provide iframe widgets and feeds together with detailed instructions so that your web designer can easily incorporate them into your website.

  4. Are the reviews published 'live'?

    Yes - as soon as they have been title qualified your most recent reviews/testimonials will automatically appear on your website.

  5. How long have you been surveying activity participants?

    Custom counts went live in October 2008.

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